When looking at road bikes for women there are plenty of options to choose from. Hybrid bikes, in the past have not looked different to mens, however this has changed over time.

Most women would experience significant discomfort trying to ride a bike built for men and there are good reasons for this. The saddle of a mens bike is just not appropriate for a woman.

Hybrid road bikes have a saddle shaped specifically to provide support for women and even the frame angle is designed with a Hybrid shape in mind.

It has taken manufactures a long time buy finally they have built bikes that recognise the different body positioning between men and women. Although there is still a larger range of bikes for men, hybrid bikes still offer a good choice.

In fact, hybrid road bikes are so specifically designed for women, that they are 100% better than mens road bikes. Men on average are taller than women and this has lead to shorter top bar on Hybrid bikes.

If you have ever wondered why some Hybrid bikes have a angled top bar, its because it allows them to still ride a bike while wearing a skirt. When it comes to riding a hybrid bike it would be unusual these days for a female athelete to ride in a skirt. As a result, Hybrid bikes continue to change as fashon changes too.

Fantastic color choices allow a bit of style to creep into the decision of which bike to buy.

When purchasing a Hybrid road bike make sure its specifically designed for women and you will enjoy your bike for years to come.

Popular Hybrid Road Bikes

A great tip for anyone looking to buy Hybrid road bikes is, always look at what customers say about their purchase. These days most sites will allow you to see what comments customers have made and this information allows you to make sense of what makes a popular Hybrid bike.

Another way to see what is popular is to just look at the number of comments made about a particular bike. Sure some of them may be less than happy however if the vast majority are happy, then at least you have gained an understanding of what is considered popular.

Various brands and models change with popularity year in and year out. These days competition between bike manufacturers is high, so the likelyhood of getting a good bike, even a cheap one, is still a lot better than it was a few years ago.

In conclusion, hybrid mountain bikes are built for, designed for and styled for women.